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Hi! and welcome to Garrett Wang Online. This page is deticated to the actor who plays Harry Kim on Star Trek:Voyager.I made this page because I'am a fan of him and have been a fan of his since the first episode of Voyager.In this page you'll find actor biography,Harry Kim bio,various pictures,filmography,and links to other great Garrett or Voyager sites.Any questions or comments,pictures or news, please e-mail me.

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Thanks and Farwell to Garrett and the Voyager cast

5/25/01 - yup, Voyager's now gone... but with a bang! The final Voyager scored high ratings, where 8.8 million viewers tuned in to see what happens to the crew.

5/20/01 - Hey,I'm back! And all hyped up (and a little saddened that Voyager's ending!) about the final episode! Whoo Boy.... the final Voyager is just less than a week away!

Wednesday,May 23 (the night of the finale!) - Garrett, along with Robert Beltran (Chakotay) and Roxann Dawson (Torres) will be at Star Trek:The Experience to answer fan questions and sign autographs. If any of you are planning on going, I'd really appreciate it if someone sent me a report or photos.

In case you haven't been to StarTrek.com in a while, they've posted photos of the Voyager cast at the wrap party. So go check it out!

04/12/01 - StarTrek.com has posted the Voyager wrap-up party section on their site, which features red carpet interviews of Garrett and the cast arriving. I love the suit Garrett's wearing too! Click here to view the page.

04/07/01 - TrekToday has posted photos of the Champagne Cruise that features the Garrett and the Voyager cast, which took place during Grand Slam weekend.

04/03/01 - Fandom.com has posted photos and a report of Garrett and the Voyager cast at the recent Grand Slam convention over the weekend.Click here to check it out.

03/26/01 - Hey y'all! I'm back! I know, I know, it's been a while, but here I'am. As you've noticed, this site was done for a while, due to some technical problems with tripod. However, all that matters is that the site's back up!

Well, now that Voyager's gone, I just wanna thank the cast and crew of the show for entertaining millions of fans like me for seven years. But most importantly, I wanna thank Garrett for his portryal of Ensign Harry Kim. The character I will miss the most in all of tv and has become an inspiration for young male Asians like myself. Garrett and his character of Harry Kim have been a role model for me. I was so amazed at how he wanted to change and create a positive image for Asian Americans.

In my own mind, Garrett has truly made it; he has broken all those Asian stereotypes that not only are seen on television and film, but in society as well. He’s had an impact on my life growing up; As a young 14 year old growing up, facing my own racial epithets. As you’ll notice, there’s not that many Asian characters appearing regularly on television as well. Garrett definitely represented all of Asians in entertainment with his portrayal of Harry Kim. And it's sad that I won't be seeing him weekly on a brand new episode or other male Asians appearing on television regularly.

Watching Garrett over the years, I've got some favorite moments that I'd like to share with you all:

Seeing him for the first time on “The Caretaker” on his first scene at Deep Space Nine with Quark.

  • “Non Sequitur” – One of my favorite Harry Kim episodes of the whole Voyager series from the second season.

  • “The Chute” – Another one of my favorite Harry Kim episodes from the third season.

  • When Garrett became one of People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 1997. I was really shocked that he was even on there! I was so excited as well; I bought the issue and showed it off to all my friends at school, and they’re not even Trek fans! I still have the article hanging in my bedroom wall! LOL!

  • “Scorpion, Part I” – This was the season finale for the third season. Species 8472 attacked Harry Kim, and we were left hanging all summer wondering what would happen to him! Of course, he lived and the Voyager crew also got a new passenger onboard (if you know who I’m talking about!)…..

  • “Timeless” – My favorite Voyager episode of the whole series. This was the 100th episode, where we got to see a different side of Garrett’s talents as he played the future Harry Kim.

    Most importantly, I’m really gonna miss Voyager; I’ve grown up with that show throughout the past seven years. Voyager may be ending, but it will always live on in reruns. So, Garrett, if you’re reading this, thanks for the memories and these wonderful seven years of television of entertaining many fans like myself. Good luck to you in the future.

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