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Garrett Wang Online
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A message about these screencaps

Please DO NOT take these screencaps and put them on your site without permission! I've spent a couple days in my free time making these caps for all fans to see.If you wish to use the caps,ask permission first.And if anyone has any other caps of Garrett,other than Voyager episodes,please send them in to me,I would really appreciate it and it would help too.Thank you.Enjoy the caps!

Various Screencaps
title number of pics
Space Interview (January 1998) 7
Star Trek:30th Anniversary (September,1996)4

Star Trek:Voyager screencaps
Season One - 1995
Episode title number of pics
The Caretaker (pilot episode) --
Season Two - 1995/96
Season 3 - 1996/97
The Chute--
Future's End,Part I10
Alter Ego--
Favorite Son--
Scorpion,Part I7
Season 4 - 1997/98
Waking Moments--
The Killing Game,Part I10
Season 5 - 1998/99
Timeless (100th episode)26
The Disease24
Season 6 - 1999/ 00
Ashes to Ashes --
Season 7 (Final Season) - 2000-01
Drive --
Endgame (Final Episode)--