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Garrett Wang Online
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Garrett and Chase Masterson(Leeta).
Garrett with
Chase Masterson (Leeta on DS9)

Garrett at a convention,1996
Garrett and Andy Dick (NewsRadio,and EMH2 on Voy) at Star Trek:The Experience grand opening.
Garrett with Andy Dick (NewsRadio)
Garrett with Jennifer Lien & Roxann Dawson at Premiere of 'The Caretaker'
Garrett with Jennifer Lien(Kes)
& Roxann Dawson(Torres)

Garrett at the Kennedy Space

Garrett in People magazine,
Garrett with season one cast
Garrett with Voyager cast,1995

with Scarlett Pomers(Naomi Wildman)

B&W photo of Garrett

at the grand opening of Star Trek:The Experiene in Las Vegas

celebrating the 100th Voyager episode.
(pic courtesy of the official Jeri Ryan page)

On the cover of A Magazine,1995.