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Harry Kim Bio

Name: Harry S.L. Kim
D.O.B (Date of birth): 2349
P.O.B (place of birth): Earth,San Francisco,USA
Race: Human Asian Male
Descent: Korean
Graduate of Starfleet Academy: Yes/2366-70
Rank: Ensign
Current Assignment: Operations/Communications Officer on U.S.S.Voyager
Age: 24

Ensign Harry Kim is the OPS/Communications officer on the starship Voyager and is fresh right out of Starfleet Academy.Harry graduated from Starfleet Academy on stardate 47911 with honors.Harry Kim is the genius with a 'technical mind'.He is raised from his loving and caring parents who raised him really well.He made his parents proud by going to Starfleet Academy and graduating with honors.He misses his parents very much.Harry also has a girlfriend named Libby (seen in "Non-Sequitur") back on Earth and misses her very much.Harry's interest is playing the clarinet,and is a good player too but needs a little more practice.His best friend onboard Voyager is Tom Paris.And Harry is nice and friendly easygoing guy,who has no conflict with anyone else on the ship.

The Harry Kim Episodes

Season One: Spring 1995

"The Caretaker", "Emanations", and "Heroes and Demons"

Season Two: 1995-1996

"Non-Sequitur","Twisted","Resistance","Prototype","Deadlock","The Thaw","Tuvix" and "Resolutions"

Season Three: 1996-1997

"The Chute","Future's End,Parts I & II","Alter Ego","Favorite Son","Scorpion,Part I"

Season Four: 1997-1998

"Revulsion", "Demon", "The Killing Game, Parts I & II", and "Message in a Bottle"

Season 5: 1998-1999

"Timeless" (100th episode), "Thirty Days", and "Warhead"

Season 6: 1999-2000

"Ashes to Ashes", "Spirit Folk", and "Muse"

Season 7: 2000-2001

"Drive", "Nightingale",