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Garrett Wang Online
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Actor Biography

Garrett Richard Wang (pronounced Wong) was born on December 15,1968 in Riverside,California. He lived in Indiana,then moved to Bermuda,and Memphis and lived there for nine years.He graduated from High School from Harding Academy at Memphis.He later moved to Los Angeles and attended UCLA,majored in Asian studies, played Tennis,and participated in campus theatre.Garrett's tennis playing was so good,that he considered playing for the pros,but was discouraged by the lack of Asian role models in the sport.So,he decided to pursue an acting career.

Outside College,his first acting performance was the portrayal of John Lee in the lead role of Chay Yew's "Porcelain" at the burbage theater.Garrett later continiued to act in more plays like "Model Minority" at the Los Angeles theater center,then "Woman Warrior" at the Mark Taper forum,and "A Language Of Our Own" at the Initman theater.

Garrett made his TV debut in 1994 by guest starring on the pilot episode of the ABC short lived comedy All American Girl starring Margaret Cho,where he played her love interest.

Shortly after that,Garrett auditioned for the fourth Star Trek series called Star Trek:Voyager and got the part of Ensign Harry Kim in 1995.Voyager became the #1 show of UPN,the network that airs the series. Garrett/Harry Kim is the first Asian-American actor & character to appear regularly in a Star Trek series since George Takei as Sulu in the original 60's Star Trek.

"I believe that I know I have a huge responsibility in being one of a VERY small Asian Americans appearing in televison regularly," Garrett explains,"my goal is to do the best job possible of playing Harry Kim and to begin repaying my parents for the accountable financial support they've given me throughout the years".Since Voyager,Garrett has made a number of appearances at conventions.
Garrett as Harry Kim

In 1997,Garrett was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world.Also E! Entertainment Television has selected Garrett as on of the "20 Coolest Bachelors" in the country.

Garrett in Pinata Aside from Voyager,Garrett appeared in a few independent films.In 1997, Garrett starred in 100%,where he played Troy,an aspiring actor who is tired of playing stereotypes and finally wins a role in a major feature film playing a cop.He also starred in Ivory Towers in 1999 and now he co-stars with Nicholas Brendan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Pinata.

In April 2001, Garrett and the Voyager cast have finished production of Star Trek:Voyager, with the two-hour series finale "Endgame". What's after Voyager for Garrett now? who knows? hopefully,we'll continue to see him in future projects in film and television. For now, we'll have to relive the adventures of Harry Kim and the rest of the Voyager crew in reruns.

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